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Our Projects

You will find a list of our renewable energy projects below. Many of our projects are 100% owned by Glooscap Energy but some of them are partnerships with other developers. 

Glooscap Landing Solar Array

Located on the roof and canopy of a Glooscap owned gas station, this solar array is our first renewable project and can power up to 3 average homes. The project is a 25kw system and was installed in 2018 in the Hantsport area of Nova Scotia.  

Another 290kw of power power is being installed in 2024.


Seakist Solar Array

This array is located on the roof of Seakist Lobster, a Glooscap owned lobster pound in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. This solar array can power up to 17 average homes and is 75kw. This array was built in 2021.

Another 409kw is currently under construction.

YBF Solar.png

Glooscap Landing EV Charging

In 2016 Glooscap installed two EV charging stations at Glooscap Landing, including one of the first level 3 DC chargers in Nova Scotia. Glooscap partnered with Nova Scotia Power to make this a reality and the site was used as a testing grounds for the future NSPI EV charging network. Learn more here.

Electric Car Battery Charging

Weavers Mountain Wind Project

The Weavers Mountain Wind Energy Project is a proposed renewable energy facility with a total capacity of 94 MW. The project will be comprised of 16 turbines with a nameplate capacity between 4.5 MW and 6 MW. The facility would be located along the Pictou/Antigonish County lines, south of Trans-Canada Highway 104.   This project will have the ability to power up to 33,000 homes and should be operational by 2026.   


The project is developed by a partnership of Glooscap Energy and SWEB Development, a North American subsidiary of W.E.B. Group. Glooscap is 51% owners of this project. 

More information on this project can be found here:

Glooscap Landing Micro-Grid

In early 2022 Glooscap Energy was approved for a second solar array on Glooscap Landing. Glooscap is currently working to add an additional 290 kw of solar energy and two level 3 Ev chargers to the Glooscap Landing project. This project will be integrated into our proposed micro-grid system that will include future battery storage.

Solar Panel Installation

Yarmouth Bar Micro-Grid

Starting in 2023 and finishing in 2024 this 409 kw system will help offset 75% of Yarmouth Bar Fisheries energy consumption. This project is currently under construction. Future plans include EV chargers and battery storage to make it a complete micro-grid.

Installing Solar Panels

Meadowview Solar Project

In partnership with the Municipality of the County of Kings and the  Annapolis Valley First First Nation, Glooscap Energy is proposing a 7MW community solar project in the Meadowview area, north of Kentville.  The goal of the Meadowview Solar Project is to transform a capped landfill site with limited repurposing options into a hub of renewable energy harnessed from the sun. The project is currently going through community engagement and consultation. 

Solar Panel Farm8
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